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Holy Royal Arch Knights Templar Priests

or Order of Holy Wisdom

District No. 10 - Transvaal, South Africa

R E Kt Pt D J Gamble

Grand Superintendent

Ill Bro D A McNally, PG V Pillar CHW

District Grand Director of Ceremonies

KTP G.Supt. Jewel

District Secretary:

Ill Kt Pt B R Glanville PG II Pillar
P O Box 91728
Auckland Park 2006

Home Phone: 011 477 2793
Cell Phone: 086 513 8562

History of the Order in South Africa

The Order in South Africa owes its origins to a District Grand Secretary of the Transvaal, and his friend, the Provincial Prior of Essex. What they had in common, of course, was the Order of Holy Royal Arch Templar Priests. The District Grand Secretary was W Bro George Walter Hookham, a PGIP in Britannic Tabernacle No.13, and the Provincial Prior was Rt Ill Kt. Pt. Arthur Murphy, who was also the first Grand Superintendent of the Order. Read More ...

History and Origin

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It appears that this degree has its foundation in Ireland where records exist of workings in the late 1700s. It is reasonably asserted that in early days, Knights Templar from various Craft lodges joined together as a 'Union Band' for the purpose of conferring the degree, but there appears to have been no governing body to exercise control and guidance, which must have contributed in no small measure to its chequered existence. In 1895 a Tabernacle (The Royal Kent) was created at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and, while the Order of Knight Templar Priests and its appendant orders were for a time taken under the jurisdiction of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees, the Royal Kent Tabernacle continued to confer the degree. In 1923 the present Grand College was formed at Newcastle and from that time there has been continued healthy expansion of the Order. There are now in excess of 240 Tabernacles owing allegiance to this sovereign body, spread not only throughout England, but also in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and South Africa.

The degrees controlled are:

  1. Funeral Master
  2. Master of the Blue or Knight of Solomon
  3. Most Excellent Master
  4. Excellent Mason and Master and the Veils
  5. Sublime Master or Jacob's Wrestle
  6. Fugitive Mark
  7. Architect
  8. Order of the Scarlet Cord or Knight of Rahab
  9. Knight of the Three Kings or The Balance
  10. Knight of the North
  11. Knight of the South
  12. Knight of Patmos or Philippi
  13. Knight of Redemption
  14. Knight of Death or Elysium
  15. Knight of the Holy Grave
  16. Knight of the Christian Mark
  17. Knight of Bethany
  18. Knight of the Royal Prussian Blue
  19. Knight of Eleusis
  20. Knight of Palestine
  21. Knight of Saint John the Baptist
  22. Knight of the Cross
  23. Knight of the Black Cross
  24. Knight of the White Cross
  25. Knight of the White of Cross Torphichen
  26. Knight of the Suspended Cross of Babylon
  27. Knight of the Red Cross of Jerusalem
  28. Knight of the Red Cross or Roseae Crucis
  29. Knight of the Triple Cross
  30. Grand Cross of Saint John
  31. Made free from Harodim
  32. Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest

Reference: 'Beyond the Craft' by Keith B Jackson. Published by: Ian Allan Publishing

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Tabernacle Meeting Places
Tabernacle Meeting Place
George Hookham Tabernacle No. 141 Louis Trichardt - Masonic Hall, 127 Munnik Street
Keystone Tabernacle No. 114 Germiston
Kosmos Tabernacle No. 38 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Omega Tabernacle No. 65 Johannesburg, Park Lane

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