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Provincial Priory of the Transvaal

R E Kt Prof. E G Charlesworth

Provincial Prior

E Kt B F McDermott

Provincial Sub-Prior

Knights Templar

Provincial Vice-Chancellor:

E Kt R N Fahrenheim
115 7th Street
Parkmore 2196
Cell Phone: 082 442 9162
Email: richard@fahrenheim.org

History and Origin of The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta

KT PReceptor JewelIn considering this impressive title and the joining together of two Orders who were at one time, while not actual enemies, militant rivals, one must really appreciate that no claim is made to any historical connection with the medieval Military Orders. Whilst the earliest references to Masonic Knight Templar activity in the British Isles are to be found in Ireland, the earliest known records in England were minuted at PortsĀ­mouth in 1777. In most instances these rituals appear to have been worked under the authority of existing warrants of certain Royal Arch Chapters as appendant degrees and were not organised masonically in any strict sense of the word. It was not until 1791 that a Grand Conclave was formed comĀ­prising seven independent Encampments, when Thomas Dunckerley was installed as Grand Master.

Expansion during the formative years was extremely slow, particularly under the Grand Mastership of HRH the Duke of Sussex (1812-1843) who displayed no desire to convene Grand Conclave and consequently there was little activity until after his death. The reason for this inactivity was probably due to the delicate state of affairs in freemasonry immediately following the Union. From 1845 onwards, however, conditions within the Order were restored to normal; the ritual was standardised and a steady growth of the United Orders ensued and today membership is by invitation and highly valued. The degrees as practised in over 420 Preceptories on the roll of the Great Priory of England are:

  1. Knight Templar
  2. Knight of St Paul or Mediterranean Pass
  3. Knight of Malta

Reference: 'Beyond the Craft' by Keith B Jackson. Published by: Ian Allan Publishing

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Preceptory Meeting Places
Preceptory Meeting Place
Coeur De Lion Preceptory No. 536 Boksburg South - Central East Rand Temple, 66 Jubilee Rd
Concordia Preceptory No. 471 Swaziland, Manzini - Masonic Hall, Maselesikhundleni/Esser Street
Diamond in the Desert Preceptory No. 133 Kimberley
Far West Preceptory No. 419 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Johannesburg Preceptory No. 160 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Keystone Preceptory No. 273 Boksburg South - Central East Rand Temple, 66 Jubilee Rd
Kosmos Preceptory No. 288 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Lumier Preceptory No. 658 Rustenburg
Northern Transvaal Preceptory No. 334 Louis Trichardt - Masonic Hall, 127 Munnik Street
Omega Preceptory No. 528 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Park Lane Preceptory No. 460 Johannesburg, Park Lane
Transvaal Preceptory No. 289 Pretoria, The Willows
Seychelles Preceptory No. 676 Masonic Hall, Bel Ombre,Seychelles

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